Did you know that we all have something in common?  We all have an estate.  Whether it includes a $200 savings account, a house, a car, or just a pet cat and his food bowl, we all have things that are precious to us and some cash to help us get by.  Unfortunately, most people don't have a plan for the assets that make up their estate beyond just enjoying them today.


But think about it.  If you were taking a long road trip, wouldn't you make sure your car's gas tank was full? If you were going to make a special dinner, wouldn't you make sure you had all of the ingredients?  Your estate needs the same attention and care.  How else can you know if your financial strategy is going to get you where you dream of being in ten years? Or who will have custody of your children if you are involved in an incapacitating accident? Or what will happen to the special things in your home that are personal or family heirlooms?


Estate planning is critical at every stage of life, regardless of how little you may think your estate amounts to.  Here at Life Estate Plans, our passion is helping people understand and develop strategies for the many facets of their estate so they can enjoy them to the fullest now, and have a plan for passing them on in the future.